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Alignment partners always work initially with the senior team in the three fields that determine whether the organisation will be significant and successful – alignment, engagement and leadership development. We have developed an innovative and holistic approach in each of these fields.


Most organisations have no trouble developing a strategy. This issue is how to align the whole organisation around it. We help the organisation to develop a clear, compelling vision and strategy supported by a well-documented, measurable plan. We work in ways that produce alignment, clarity, measurability and accountability - the four missing ingredients in many strategies. We support this approach with an on-line system called Harbinger that provides instant, real time reporting on all aspects of the plan. Harbinger is a profoundly useful tool for connecting planning with outcomes. We believe that Alignment is directional. It is about what we will do and it is primarily focused on the head.


It is people however who will implement strategies and plans and people cannot be engaged with just the head. Engagement is focused on the heart. No strategy or vision will realise its potential unless the organisation fully engages the heart of its people. We work with the organisation’s leaders to measure engagement, to begin leading in new ways and using new paradigms that foster and nurture engagement. We identify and help to modify organisational systems and structures that are impediments to engagement.

Leadership Development

We provide training at every level to enable people to work more openly, more robustly and more effectively with each other using shared values as their common foundation. We teach leaders the skills and approaches they must use to fully engage their teams and their people. This is the highly effective and successful combination that organisations seek and is what makes us a unique consultancy firm. This scale of transformation naturally requires what all transformation requires – a powerful champion, some energised people and an unrealised opportunity. Call us and allow us to partner with you in bringing your vision into reality.

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