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Research has demonstrated, in a compelling and empirical fashion, the importance of high levels of employee engagement to organizational success. Our propriety tool, Heartbeat, is designed to allow organizations to measure engagement levels at every level. Organizations who do not measure engagement regularly will by definition, be unable to manage engagement levels. They will also be unable to develop leaders and leadership that is capable of building highly engaged teams and a highly engaged workforce.


The tools most commonly used to engender engagement in staff are the ones we know to be either ineffective or weak. This is a strange phenomenon but is easily demonstrated to be true. Engagement levels are low around the world, have remained low for over a decade and within Australia are in decline. To persist with what we are doing and hope for better outcomes would be the definition of insanity. We must re-evaluate and change. Relying on the hackneyed and ineffective crutch of pay for performance, KPI’s, performance management and employee benefits will not do the job. They are not doing the job. Organizational culture needs to be redesigned from the ground up. We will work with you to design an organization that produces engagement as naturally as breathing.

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