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Alignment Partners consultants bring great depth of experience in organizational life. Each has distinctive technical abilities, personalities and backgrounds but we share a passion based on our vision and values.

We know that connecting the head and the heart is the key to creating alignment and engagement and that this in turn is the to key awakening and releasing the real power that lies at the heart of every organization.

Michael Webb, Managing Partner
Michael is a very experienced organizational psychologist whose primary focus is strategy, structure, alignment and engagement. He has extensive experience in working with senior teams to develop and execute strategy and fully realize organizational potential. He is also a board member of several significant private companies.

Julie Judd, Principal Consultant
Julie has a chartered accounting background and has established, built and led a very substantial business that became a market leader in Australia. Having successfully sold that business she has been consulting to a wide range of organizations and serves on a number of boards. Her interests lie in strategic foresight, leadership and team building - all areas where she has extensive experience.

Bruce McEwen, Principal Consultant
Bruce has an engineering background and has led major divisions in large companies and been CEO in organizations within the transport, agricultural and technology sectors. His passion is leadership, personal growth and development and has a particular focus on executive coaching, a field of practice in which he excels and has achieved remarkable results.

Tony Gattari, Principal Consultant
Tony has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of business, including time in Harvey Norman as the GM of the Computer and Communications Division growing the portfolio from $12M to $565M in less than 9 years. He has worked with over 100 businesses focusing on business building, marketing and sales system development and training. Tony is also a renowned public speaker, successful and popular author, and a creator and presenter of a business building program on pay TV.

Jill Noble, Principal Consultant
Jill has a background in psychology and has significant experience in assessment and recruitment as well as personal growth. She is qualified in the use of a range of psychometric tools used for both individual and team assessment and development and very broad experience across industry sectors, organizational levels an roles and situations in applying these tools to achieve strategic outcomes.

John Adamek, Principal Consultant
John is a genuine guru in Lean six sigma and systems reengineering. He has consulted to many of the worlds great companies and led projects and project teams which have generated hundreds of millions in savings and been recognized globally for their excellence. He is expert in helping organizations to learn how to drive quality of service up, revenue up and costs down."

Bruce Moore, Principal Consultant
Bruce has a background in many industry sectors, with proven success as an entrepreneur and consultant. He has extensive experience having mentored senior leaders and developed teams from industries such as construction, mining, transportation, energy, public service, financial services and faith based organisations. He has also facilitated manyalliances in major projects as well as working in community development, consultation and conflict resolution. Bruce is passionate about engaging values-driven leaders and community development.

Carmel Macpherson, Principal Consultant
Carmel has broad and deep background in management at the highest level, with exceptional experience in strategic and operational human capital management. She has led significant teams and change efforts in major Australian companies. She has also presented papers, by invitation, to the World Bank, the ILO in Geneva and UNESCO. In working with clients, Carmel’s focus is on enabling and growing people's expertise as both leaders and followers within the context of solid values.

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